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    Recomendation for cards best-selling


    Recomendation for cards best-selling

    Post  RevansShade on Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:29 pm

    How to effectively sell your Rare cards.

    1) buy for 1hp, sell for 2hp.
    It is fastest. Some cards you can sell for 2.5hp (Elder Dragon, Manticore, Kratos, Reshef, Succubus)

    2) buy best selling cards.
    Thats are Elder Dragon, Manticore, Kratos, Reshef, Succubus, High Daemon, Agni, High Shaman.

    3) hard selling cards try to sell with help of Traders Guild
    Hard to sell is Iseult, High Witch, High Elf, High Pixie, Elder Vampire, and any event cards longer time after event finish.

    4) best way to byu rares for 1hp is Bahamut forum

    5) best way to sell rares for 2hp is personally look for players wishing them

    6) Traders Guild have some another ways how to sell even hard selling cards. We gladly help, but can not sell all rares for all players. Try first to sell by yourself following these advices.


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