Remarkable merging of Gestalt, Phoenix Reborn and Ilolzalot orders - Rage of Bahamut

    Wish List to sell


    Wish List to sell

    Post  RevansShade on Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:57 pm

    raritycard to sellmaxedigndesired priceactualized
    SRApsara4-7 lv3perfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    SRSacharine Witchnosh1nbeask himlong time ago
    HROdysseusnoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRAresnoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRPrincipalitynoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRXuanWunoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HR7x Santaclopsnoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRNymphnoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRDelphynenoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRWraithnoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    HRInugaminoperfiditybazaar priceJan 7
    R3 Angel Queensalwaysperfidity2 sk RJan 7
    Rlot of - list in "want to sell" sectionnosh1nbe1hpif interested in R
    Rlot of - list in "want to sell" sectionnoRevansShade1hp or any other Rif interested in R
    Rsome rares - list in "want to sell" sectionnosalakinth1hpif interested in R

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