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    I want to sell my card


    I want to sell my card

    Post  RevansShade on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:16 pm

    Write here, if you want to add your desired card to Traders Guild sell wishlist.
    If they will agree, that price is reasonable, you will be added to wishlist.


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    Re: I want to sell my card

    Post  sh1nbe on Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:15 pm

    Rare card for sale: (1HP for each card)

    Agni x 2
    Bucaneer x 4
    Daphne x 2
    Elder Dragon x 3
    Elder Vampire x 5
    Garmr x 2
    Gladiator x 3
    Goblin Fighter x 4
    High Daemon x 3
    High Dancer
    High Elf x 3
    High Lancer
    High Ninja x 2
    High Pixie x 5
    High Shaman x 2
    High Witch x 4
    Holy Knight x 4
    Kratos x 2
    Manticore x 3
    Melusine x 3
    Reshef x 1
    Rhea x 2
    Skeleton Knight x 3
    Succubus x 2
    Vayu x 3
    Yinglong x 2

    for 1hp or another R card

    Post  RevansShade on Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:44 pm

    ask for change - most of them are hidden in presents, etc.
    looking mainly for R: Camelot Fencer, Demonic Slave, Jack-o-Lantern, Vayu, Gold Fox. But can change it for you for anything.

    Succubus 6x
    Skull Rider 6x
    Melusine 3x
    Elder Dragon 1x
    High Daemon 6x
    Manticore 4x
    Elder Vampire 1x
    Garmr 4x
    Skeleton Knight 2x

    High Elf 2x
    Rhea 7x
    Agni 3x
    High Homunculus 2x
    High Pixie 5x
    Kratos 2x
    Daphne 2x
    Reshef 3x
    Yinglong 2x

    High Lancer 3x
    High Gunner 6x
    High Dancer 2x
    Holy Knight 1x
    High Shaman 4x
    Iseult 1x
    High Witch 2x
    Gladiator 3x
    Buccaneer 2x
    High Ninja 2x

    Re: I want to sell my card

    Post  salakinth on Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:18 am

    Rares for 1hp (or other bulk offer):

    1x Skeletal Knight
    1x Elder Dragon

    2x High Lancer
    1x High Witch

    2x Daphne

    Order Section : Order Leader
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    Re: I want to sell my card

    Post  perfidity on Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:56 am

    For my cards, any base rares or (just about) any base high rares that you can see in my inventory are available for sale/trade. I'll trade rare-for-rare (including evo'd high normals with skills) and whatever market price is going on the high rares - though I'll work something out with cards instead of/in addition to hp if you want!

    Current HR inventory:
    Santaclops (I have about seven of these, iirc)

    I'll also trade 3 Angel Queens for 2 skilled rares.

    I'm also considering selling my 4-7 sk3 Apsara, although it deeply pains me to part with this card since when I bought the bases they were going for more than three times their current Bazaar price. A pox on Cygames and their skill nerfing! Razz So, if you want to make me a good offer on it and save the Bazaar tickets... Wink

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    Re: I want to sell my card

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